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Latest Notice
Latest Notice

During the partial opening or temporary closure of libraries, we specially arrange below e-databases to be remotely accessed for a limited period*:

1. Global Books in Print

3. International Newsstream
4. Music Periodicals Database
5. OECD iLibrary
6. Performing Arts Periodicals Database

7. ProQuest Historical Newspapers: South China Morning Post
8. ProQuest Databases Services (30 Databases)
10. WiseNews

*Until further notice

The borrowing limit of below e-book collections has been increased:
a) FunPark : from 2 to 4 items
b) HyRead ebook : from 2 to 4 items
c) SUEP e-Book: from 2 to 4 items
d) OverDrive eBooks : from 4 to 8 items
Please take a look at "Overview of e-Book Collections" to know more!

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